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Dr. Bruce Smith has retired and his practice is now closed. Hearing patients may still seek care with Dr. Daniel Ostergren at the Audiology Group of Northern Colorado at the same location. If you wish to obtain medical records, please fill out a Medical Records release form on our forms page and fax it to (970) 484-0382. Thank you.

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Laramie, Wyoming Clinic

Our Laramie clinic is no longer open.

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We provide state of the art diagnostic hearing testing for all ages as well as hearing aid sales, service and repair in a compassionate, friendly, relaxed environment.

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Sleep Disturbance

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Q : I have been using over-the-counter nose sprays for years and I seem to be addicted. Can I be helped?

A : You probably have a condition called "rhinitis medicamentosa" where one gets a rebound effect from the vasoconstrictors in the OTC nasal sprays. An otolaryngologist can give you a prescription medication to get you off those sprays within a few days. However, you need to look into the reason you started the nose sprays in the first place. Do you have a deviated septum, allergic rhinitis or nasal polyps? All of these can be treated effectively.

Q : My child's tonsils are very large. Is it appropriate to have them removed surgically?

A : The mere fact that a child's tonsils are large does not necessarily require surgical removal unless the child is symptomatic with regard to airway obstruction, sleep-disordered breathing, or the development of orthodontic dental or respiratory problems, sinutisis, or chronic infection of the tonsils unresponsive to antibiotic therapy. This may neccesitate removal of tonsils and possibly the adenoids as well.

Q : My ears are ringing after last night's concert. Why?

A : Very loud noise levels such as concerts, power tools, guns and many factories are potentially damaging to hearing."Tinnitus" (ringing in the ears) is often the first warning signal that your ears have been exposed to harmful levels of noise. Continued exposure without proper hearing protection can lead to permanent hearing loss and constant ringing in your ears. Avoidance of toxic noise levels or consistent use of hearing protection is very important in preventing noise induced hearing loss. Evaluation of hearing levels through a hearing test can help to identify noise induced hearing loss.

Q : What are nasal polyps?

A : Nasal polyps are benign nasal masses arising from the lining tissues of the nose and cavities. They may present with symptoms of progressive nasal stuffiness, drainage and facial discomfort. There may be a decreased sense of smell related to the extent of the polyp formation. Polyps can cause recurrent or chronic sinusitis. Sometimes they can be controlled by topical steroid nasal sprays that will shrink the swollen tissues and relieve the symptoms. Surgical removal of polyps is indicated when theyare unresponsive to steroid therapy and/or when antibiotic resistant sinusitis is present.

Q : Can gastroesophageal disease affect my voice?

A : "GERD" (gastroesophageal reflex disease) most definitely can be a cause of hoarseness, even in the absence of heartburn. An ENT can examine your vocal cords to see if you have effects from GERD. Treatment may include dietary limitations of aggravating foodstuffs such as coffee, cola, chocolate, mint and excessively rich foods. Over the counter medications like Prilosec or Zantac may help.

Q : I have been told that my hearing loss can only be helped by hearing aids. Why do they cost so much?

A : Digital hearing aids are sophisticated devices, like tiny computers, used to help hearing loss. Most hearing aids are customized to each eindividual's ears and their hearing loss. These features and the level of technology influence the cost of the devices. Another factor to consider is the level of follow-up care provided with the hearing aid purchase. Many establishments with low "up-front" costs will charge for every office visit and adjustment made to the hearing aid. It is important to consider the value of these services when evaluating the cost of your hearing aid.

Q : What are adenoids?

A : Adenoid tissue is composed of lymph tissue located behind the nose in a vault above the throat called the nasopharynx. It is part of a ring of lymph tissue along with the tonsils and the bass of the tongue. If adenoids become enlarged or inflamed in childhood, they can cause nasal obstruction with sinus infections, secondary ear infections, mouth-breathing with sleep disordered breathing and dental malocclusion.

Q : When do children need pressure equalization or PE tubes?

A : The procedure of myringotomy and tubes is designed to ventilate the middle ear space by making a very small opening in the ear drum, keeping that open with a tiny tube. The tube allows air in the middle ear space and any fluid to drain out. Indications for PE tubes are: Fluid in the middle ear space that causes significant hearing loss and is unresponsive to medical management, recurrent ear infections of the middle ear space that do not respond to multiple courses of antibiotic treatment and significant distortion of the ear drum with negative pressure in the middle ear space ( eustachian tube dysfunction).

About US

Bruce M. Smith, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Bruce Smith has been in private practice working with patients in Northern Colorado and Wyoming since 1979. Dr. Smith practices medicine in an ethical, informed and caring manner. He is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and interned at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center. After two years serving in the United States Air Force as a flight medical officer, he was a resident at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He moved on to the University of Iowa for advanced training and residency in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Smith is licensed to practice in Colorado and Wyoming and sees patients in both Fort Collins and Laramie. He is on staff at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. He is also credentialed at the Fort Collins Surgery Center in Fort Collins.

Dr. Smith was a past president of the Otolaryngology Maxillofacial Society and is a member of the following societies and organizations:

  • American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Head & Neck Society
  • The Northern Colorado Medical Society
  • Denver Medical Society

Dr. Smith is accepting new patients and treats adults and children. The office participates in all major insurance networks.

Dan Ostergren, Au.D.

Daniel Ostergren, AuD, is a third generation medical professional who has worked in nearly every area of audiology. He began his clinical career in Fort Collins in 1984 as a founding member of the Audiology Group. He went on to practice in educational audiology, classroom acoustics and as an educator and lecturer in US, Canada and Europe. Dr. Ostergren completed a three year term on the Board of the American Academy of Audiology to return to clinical practice. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Audiology.

Away from Audiology, Dan can be found behind an audio mastering console as an active member of the Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards), or skiing somewhere in the region. His son is a college student and emerging jazz trumpet player.


Caring and Competent Service Since 1979
Effective January 1, 2020, I will be closing my ENT practice. I would like to thank you for the trust you have given me over the years as your physician. Taking care of you has been an honor for my staff and me and your continued care is very important to us. I will be available through December 20, 2019 for your ENT needs. The audiology department will continue to be operational for all hearing patients with Dr. Dan Ostergren. It is important that you continue with a appropriate medical care. If you need to establish contact with another physician after I close my practice, the following information is provided: You may wish to continue care with my office associate Brad Runyan, M.D (970) 212-0169. Or, you may wish to see Mark Loury, M.D. at Advanced Otolaryngology & Audiology (970) 493-5334. Finally, you may contact the Northern Colorado Medical Society to find other ENT physicians in Fort Collins (970) 829-7860.

If you are in a managed care situation, you made need to contact your health care insurer for a referral for an in-network providers. After the close of my practice, you may use the Medical Records Release form on our forms page and fax it to (970) 484-0382 should you need a copy of your medical records. If you have not selected a new physician by the time of my last clinic day on Dec 20, 2019, you can obtain acute, critical, or emergency care at your local Urgent Care or Emergency Department. My best wishes for your continued health!

Bruce M. Smith, M.D.